Is It Safe? Yes it is.  At ETN Gift Cards we consulted with the Electroneum team to bring you a ETN Gift Card that would be safe and easy to use.  We based the gift card concept on the official Electroneum Paper Wallet that you can download here.  You can download this ETN Gift Card Sample like you see above.

The checksum of this zip file is:

MD5 CAFE08CE4BB9594D634C06E45B7D7F41

The checksum of this HTML file is:

MD5 D050FEC88C6517D4CE832EB972B5E5BB

You can check the Checksum here.

Our ETN Gift cards have the same build, you can compare them at   Remember to treat the ETN Gift Card like a paper wallet. The keys will work with the Electroneum blockchain only.  The transaction through the blockchain from a Gift Card or Paper Wallet could take up to 48hrs.  We suggest using the ETN Gift Card Builder on Chrome Incognito or unplugging your internet cable, building offline for extra security.


Try to make one offline! Unplug your internet cable now.
then build this ETN Gift Card, see how it works. 
Launch ETN Gift Card Bulder