Why was ETN Gift Cards built?

ETN Gift Cards were built to allow people to give the gift of Electroneum in an affordable way to friends and family.  We discussed the idea with members of the Electroneum team, and community who added their enthusiastic input.  We feel that ETN Gift Cards which are themed Electroneum paper wallets will help fill the void and get new people interested in Electroneum and crypto.

Will the ETN Gift Cards work with the Electroneum blockchain?

Yes the ETN Gift Cards work exclusively with the Electroneum blockchain only.

Is it safe to use the ETN Gift Card Builder?

Yes the ETN Gift Card Builder is based on the official Electroneum Paper Wallet Open Source Software. We suggest using the Chrome Browser with Incognito and following the directions to turn off your your network connection to build your ETN Gift Card offline.  Every building session is separate, and you are the only person that builds the card and has access to the keys. etngiftcards.com has no access to any of the keys that are created in any session.

Is it safe to use the same ETN Gift Card more than once?

Like the Electroneum Paper Wallet the ETN Gift Card is suggested to be used once.

How do I add coins to a ETN Gift Card?

After you download and close your building session, you can print your card and add on any amount you would like to give as a gift.  ETN Gift Cards does not have any access to any gift card made on our platform.

How long does it take to transfer Electroneum to a ETN Gift Card?

It might take up to 48hrs depending on the speed of the Electroneum blockchain.

How many ETN Gift Cards can I buy and build at a time?

You can purchase each gift card once and use the ETN Gift Card Builder once per session.  However you can purchase multiple ETN Gift Cards and build each of them once per session.

Use of etngiftcards.com

All sales are final on etngiftcards.com.  Our tested product works only with the Electroneum blockchain.  We do not take responsibility for user errors when using the paper wallets.  Feel free to test our free ETN Gift Card prior to purchasing to see how it works.  Re-distribution of any of our custom ETN Gift Card builders is prohibited.