ETN Gift Cards is the best way to get and send Electroneum as a gift. We are artists and developers that decided to offer Electroneum Gift Cards the only way we know how.

It is very important to know that when buying a ETN Gift Card it is safe and easy. You put on the Electroneum after you have generated your ETN Gift Card. You are the only one who has the keys. We do not have access to any keys for the gift cards only the person who purchases the card. We have developed our method with 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Pick a Design and pay with Electroneum.

Step 2: Click Button on receipt to go to the ETN Gift Card Builder Page.

Step 3: Once on the page unplug the internet cable and launch the ETN Gift Card Builder.

Step 4: Build, download and print your custom ETN Gift Card.

Step 5: Add Electroneum to the ETN Gift Card and Give the gift of Electroneum to your friends or family!

These are Gift Card themed Electroneum Paper Wallets they only work with the Electroneum blockchain. For more information about how to use the paper wallets visit