Welcome to the ETN Gift Card Builder.  This is an exclusive Electroneum Gift Card design that was built just for you.  Feel free to see how the process works.  We based the ETN Gift Cards off of the Official Electroneum Paper Wallets.  We designed the gift cards to fill the void and give the user the ability to give Electroneum as a gift to friends and family.  This should help reach new users and grow the Electroneum community.  We also wanted to keep the price low unlike the hidden charges that credit card companies have.  It is important to point out that ETN Gift Cards has no access to any keys to any Gift Cards that are built on our platform.  The only person that has access is the user who is building in our secure session.  Once the session is closed out the ETN Gift Card experience is over.

We have developed our method with 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Pick a Design and pay with Electroneum.

Step 2: Click Button on receipt to go to the ETN Gift Card Builder Page.

Step 3: Once on the page unplug the internet cable and launch the ETN Gift Card Builder.

Step 4: Build, download and print your custom ETN Gift Card.

Step 5: Add Electroneum to the ETN Gift Card and Give the gift of Electroneum to your friends or family!

Now it is your turn to build your own ETN Gift Card. At this time feel free to unplug your internet cable and load your custom gift card we designed for you.

Launch ETN Gift Card Builder